A fruit bowl that WON’T function as a mixing bowl!

I was at a loss for a subject for “Works for Me Wednesday” today, so I asked my 15 year-old daughter. She had a quick answer: “A fruit bowl that can’t be a mixing bowl!”

You see, every time I buy a nice fruit bowl to put out on our kitchen island, I end up snagging it for a mixing bowl. And then I end up with no place to put the fruit – which apparently really annoys my daughter!

Recently I was in a TJ Maxx store, and saw this:


which I bought as it fitted my idea of a true fruit bowl. It turns out that my daughter was right because today I needed a mixing bowl and since this was empty I tried to use it for this unintended purpose. As you can imagine, things did not go smoothly (pun not intended 🙂 ), and I soon had cake mix all over the kitchen table as it constantly toppled over … should have bought a mixing bowl that also functions as a fruit bowl instead!