Big, red bowl of plums

The plums are finally ripe on our plum tree, and I harvested an entire big bowl-full off of  one branch, and there are still that many plums still on the branch – not to mention the rest of the tree!

The kids helped, and we’ll harvest some more over the next few days. I’ve invited some friends over on Saturday to get the rest of them!


Plums from in my backyard today

I have a gorgeous plum tree in my backyard and this year it produced a whole bunch of gorgeous plums. I’ve lived here for two years, but last year the tree didn’t produce any fruit. This year, it’s covered in beautiful purple plums.

I am starting to despair, though, that they will ever ripen. I keep hearing from other people about how their plums are ripe and they are off making wonderful things with them. They have looked pretty much the same for a couple weeks now.