Best intentions

Between illness and holidays and more illness, I’ve kind of really dropped the ball here. I do plan on picking it back up after the new year – I’ve got so many things I want to talk about. In the meantime, I’ll still post, but very sporadically.

On the health front, I finally saw a specialist a couple of weeks ago, and got a preliminary diagnosis, and got referred to another specialist. Then I got a phone call with some other findings from the lab tests, so I’ve got two diagnoses, with possibly more to come  in January. I’ve got some medications now, but it hasn’t been enough time to see if they’ll help – either that, or they don’t help. We’ll see…

I’ve also been busy crafting and making Christmas presents. I don’t dare post them here, since my family reads this, but I’ll be sure to post about them after Christmas.

I am also making a folder on Evernote for all the amazingly cool gift ideas I’m seeing as I surf around. People are doing some really neat things out there!

I will be back in a day or two with some stuff I can post about without spoiling the surprise for any of my family and friends.

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